We provide mind-body integrative therapy, coaching, leadership development, team building, and case management.

We help individuals and groups work through healing, personal growth, and transformation issues. Sparking insights and identifying skills that call clients into action. Leading them on a path to further fulfillment.

Our work together often includes business development, career advancement, developing emotional intelligence acuity, cultivating deeper connections and enhancing one’s spiritual life, accomplishing better ways to communicate in relationships, addressing PTSD, trauma, addiction, disordered eating, and more.

Many people want to achieve their dreams and live a purposeful life: but those dreams get blocked by rigidity, defensiveness, an idealized self image or distorted sense of self, repressed feelings, negative beliefs, outdated predictions, clouded perceptions, unhealthy cravings, destructive behaviors and control patterns. This brings people a lot of pain.

SoulWork LA understands that and has a plan. SoulWork LA has cleared the path for others and can clear the path for you. Get on the path to living your dreams now.

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In this fifteen minute consultation you’ll have an opportunity to tell your story and share your struggles. Together we’ll identify what you really need and want and determine the best course of action for you.

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We provide counseling for emotional healing and well-being.

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Somatic Therapy at Soul 2 Soul Healing brings you through the field of darkness


Release your negative feelings, thoughts & patterns. Open to a heart of possibilities.

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There is hope & solutions. Learn more about the founder and team,

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Link to: Money and Vision Breakthrough Process Group

Money & Vision Breakthrough Group

Heal Your Relationship to Money. Lead a More Abundant, Fulfilling Life! 

Receive money and vision mastery courses, group therapy process work, and on-going coaching.

In this program, we will take you beyond the usual learning formats. We bring you an integrated, embodied, and comprehensive force for change in your life.

This is an action program to master your emotions with money and for living a more abundant, fulfilling life. It includes a life-changing 12-week course, mindfulness/body-fullness work, emotional group support, and bi-weekly coaching.

Receive money and vision mastery courses, group therapy process work, and on-going coaching.

CORE Expressions Process Group

A Gym for Your Soul.

In Group, we create a safe space to explore and express all parts of ourselves in relationship to others and the world; gain the ability to master our fight, flight, flee and fawn states of being;  and differentiate the past from the present. Out of this work you get to develop new ways to lead a more passionate, connected, and fulfilling life.

We will use experiential exercises, movement, partner exercises, physical expression, energy work, guided breathwork, artistic expression, and Radical Aliveness group process work.

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Albert Einstein Says It Well

Nothing Changes Unless Something Moves

Open Up Your Leadership Style

“When we can stand in the unknown, knowing our Goodness and bringing our Authentic Truth to others, we can connect to them in ways that catapult our ability to take action, attract people, influence them and inspire advancement for a cause. Lead from within.”
~ Liam Blume

Credentials and Affiliations

Radical Aliveness Institute Leadership and Somatic Therapy Practitioner Training, Trauma & Emotional Clearing, Recovery Guidance


Our Clients Say It Best…

I would tell residents that this is the most valuable experience they will probably have at this Treatment Center. It helps recovery, relationships, self-worth… everything. Just do it!

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