Can You Change Your Personality?

Map of the Personality. Guidance for Handling the Moments of Our Lives.

This map of the personality incorporates a number of theories between 1) Bioenergetics, 2) Core-Energetics, 3) the Pathworks, 4) Somatic Psychology, and other evidence-based methodologies found in the field of psychotherapy.

Much of the above is influenced by the wisdom of the ages past down for new generations to benefit from. Exploring these concept layers is helpful in getting familiar with what is happening to us in relation to others and the environment. Or the dreams and memories that occupy us. It is excellent in support of our Process Work and in discovering ourselves and in gaining direction for our present and future.

Do you change or do you become more who you are? Less pretension and posturing and more vulnerability and straight forward-ness is required. But how? Learn more. See the chart below and join CORE Expression Groups.

A Map of Your Personality in Every Day Moments.

An image depicting conceptually what goes into how you are in relationship to yourself, with others and the world.

Bringing about change can be hard…

Some experts believe that changing behavior patterns, habits, and beliefs are key to personality change. Check out psychologist Carol Dweck for more on this. I would add that how we respond to our environment is critical. This involves looking at how we have adapted to other people’s energies such as denial, cruelty, requirements, appreciation, and social pressures. The Map above helps one to see where and how one operates to be well defended and feel safe enough to pursue existence and/or passion and purpose. It shows how we operate to protect our deepest part of ourselves that brings in the greatest states of being and pleasure and direction for fulfillment.

The above MAP in short depicts aspects of ourselves including Defenses, emotions, and beliefs, etc. Ones that affect who we are in the moment. How we experience the world and others experience us depends on our awareness and fluidness with the aspects of us depicted in this Map of the Personality.

In the innermost circle, one finds the ingredients for living that give opportunity, humanity, place, and action for positive experiences. Even in the midst of difficult matters. Discovering and bringing out more expressively these characteristics in the Map, sometimes referred to as Higher Self characteristics, allows us to change, heal, or transform more quickly. Two critical qualities of being able to change involve bringing more Love and Unity into your life.

Here’s an article to help you move in that direction or measure your progress with it:

How important is love in our lives?

“If you don’t name what your feeling. If you don’t own the feelings and feel them. They will eat you alive.”

Says Dr. Brene Brown.

What we need is courage. And courage can’t happen without vulnerability. To begin working for change we need this. Learn more about this through the following article:

Vulnerability and Courage Together Bring New Found Freedoms – Including Love.