Frequently Asked Questions.

Our team encourages you to ask questions throughout your coaching, health care or counseling. You have a right to know how we assist you as a team, what is happening and why.

For any questions not covered in this document, you can always contact us here or call (917) 528-1530. We will respond as soon as possible.

Since 2007. I spent 10 years in Advertising Sales working for companies
like The Wall Street Journal & Harvard Business in New York City. When I
became pregnant with my first daughter I realized I needed to fulfill a
bigger purpose in my life and went back to school for nutrition and
lifestyle counseling. I followed my intuition and left the corporate world to
help people get healthy. I started my health practice and opened my first
office in Hoboken, NJ. I then moved to Los Angeles 7 years ago where I
now reside. I was guided to learn more about how mental health affects
the body and our relationship with it. I then went on to receive a Masters
in Clinical Psychology and currently training to acquire licensure in Marriage and Family Therapy.
I treat women and children that suffer from emotional eating, eating
disorders, diabetes, obesity, anxiety, depression and a lack of balance in
their lives.

I have a very mindful approach which allows my patients to feel safe to
explore deeply rooted emotional issues that are preventing them from
experiencing true love and happiness.

I enjoy working with people that are willing to give up old, self-destructive thinking and behavior; are open and willing to surrender to new ideas; gain different perspectives; and are ready to make real change in their life.

No, I am a Board Certified Health Counselor accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. I received my training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City accredited by Columbia University Teacher?s College. Health Counselors are alternatively called Health Coaches or Nutritionists. As a Health Counselor, I look beyond counting calories and widely known for my whole body approach assessing a persons whole life. I look at what?s going on in their lives i.e. relationships, careers, physical activity, spirituality/self-love, not just the foods they eat.

Yes, I work with patients all over the country; I provide the option to conduct some sessions remotely; either by phone or Skype. So when you?re away from home, you can still get the support you need.

No. Cash, check or credit cards via PayPal (add?l service charge applied)

I offer a 10% discount on packages paid in full.

Yes, I work with teens that suffer from Emotional Eating; Eating Disorders; Depression & Anxiety and Substance Abuse.

The first session is approximately 1 hour. Follow up sessions are 50 minutes.

If you can breathe, you can meditate! If you don?t quiet your thoughts, you can?t hear what your higher-self is trying to say to you and receive the answers to your questions. Through meditation, you will find all that you are searching for externally, i.e. love, kindness, compassion, patience, appreciation, protection, creativity, abundance, prosperity and so much more! It?s enables you to handle stress and unexpected circumstances much easier. Things are more likely to roll off your back much faster when you meditate.

Yes, I host a High Vibrational Talk at my Westchester location. It?s an opportunity for those that want to learn from other people who are experiencing similar challenges.

You will learn about yourself; the greatest education in the world. You will learn how to see the world differently; through new eyes. You will learn how to get conscious around all areas of your life and become fearless when needing to make necessary change. You will learn how to become one with your inner-God; your highest self and experience the kind of love, happiness, peace, and certainty you are worthy of. And most of all, you will develop a relationship with the most important person in your life…yourself and ultimately, find your purpose.

If you are committed to showing up for yourself, you can see a difference immediately.

Anyone interested in working with me is invited to schedule a complimentary 15 minute phone consultation with me.