This series kicked off with great success. Join us for the last 2 workshops of this 3 part group series – Healing Your Relationship to Money. Becoming More Abundant. Come to one or both the remaining events.?

We will be working with your beliefs, behaviors and the emotions you feel around money matters and life.

Special emphasis made at each group session remaining

Money and Relationships
(Relationships with Family, Friends, Workers, Investors, and Donors, etc.)
Group Session 2 meets Sunday, February 18th, 2 to 5 pm

 Money, Goals and Abundance. Grounded in Reality.
Group Session 3 meets Sunday, March 4th, 2 to 5 pm

You?ll experience ways in which to:

1) take more risks in moving forward with?your life?s passions,

2) afford more possibilities in achieving abundance and

3) be prepared in more ways than ever for this coming year’s financial planning and tax deadlines.

This series will be led by:

Bob Wheeler, CPA, CPRA, CCEP

CEO at Robert Wm. Wheeler CPA, Inc.

Author of The Money Nerve: Navigating the Emotions of Money?

Podcast Co-Host, Funny Money covering money, finances and investing through humorous and enlightening conversation.

Radical Aliveness, Core Energetics Practitioner

Liam Blume, PRAi

Radical Aliveness Practitioner Intern

US Association of Body Psychotherapy Member

Mind-Body Integrative Healing & Transformation Practitioner at Soul 2 Soul Healing

Group Counselor, Beit T’Shuvah – Treatment Center

12 Step Guidance: 26 years of experience working with others in multiple 12 step addiction recovery programs

Asset – Risk Management: Previously licensed to practice in real estate, insurance, securities and commodities trading

> Admissions to this workshop requires a phone interview. Get details and submit your request for admissions here.

This Personal Transformation Workshop Series meets Sundays, 2 to 5 pm  Feb 18th & Mar 4th.