How important is love in our lives?

Let’s explore this question about love with a strategy made up of questions. Here are three important questions to get answers to. These answers will guide us in coming up with the answer to the question, “How important is love in our lives?”. It’s a question we all will eventually need to confront and answer either consciously or unconsciously. I have found that the answer we ‘make’ or the avoidance we sustain in answering this question will determine the course of our lives.

The three foundational questions to explore within and without are:

  • What is Love?
  • What role does love play in our life?
  • What priority should we give love in our life?

How do we define love?

As we journey together it helps to have a definition of love… The most basic off the internet is the following.

Love defined as a Noun

1. an intense feeling of deep affection.
“babies fill parents with feelings of love”

Similar: passion, charity, goodwill, sympathy, devotion, attachment, intrigue, deep affection, fondness, tenderness, warmth, intimacy

2. a great interest and pleasure in something.
“his love for football”

Love defined as a Verb

1. feel a deep romantic or sexual attachment to (someone).
“do you love me?”

2. like or enjoy very much.
“I’d love a cup of tea, thanks”

Three Foundational Questions to Ask Yourself About Love in Your Life

The three foundational questions can be broken out further into these sub-questions. Questions that Google finds to be commonly asked (explored) by people. What other questions do you have about love? Explore them and perhaps share the answers you come up with in the comments below. Maybe you have a quote or definition you’d like to share too. It will help others. A loving thing to do perhaps? : )

What is Love?

What is love all about in a relationship?

What is love generally?

What is love in human life?

What exactly is love?

How do I know I’m in love?

What is the opposite of love?

What role does love play in our life?

Why do we need love in our life?

What role does affection play in a relationship?

Do humans need love?

Is love a need or a want?

Why is love important?

What role will love play in your life? (it might be different from others)

What priority should we give Love in our life?

What is the importance of love in our life?

What are your priorities in life?

Is love the most important thing in life?

Is love necessary in life?

Is love a need?

How to go further in exploring love?

Ask yourself this question on love:

How do we know when we’ve got love right in our souls and rightfully in our lives?

Check back for future updates on this question and more. Comment below on your findings and insights or contact us to share them. We’ll spread the word.

Let’s all spread the word on the importance to exploring an embodied sense of love and the impact it can have. And how we should implement it in our lives. In all situations. Right! Isn’t that a worthwile endeavor? It begs another question:

What are the benefits if more of us are better equiped to love in all aspects of our lives?

Should we be employing it in all aspects of our life? Is that even safe to do?

Often to get closer to love in ourselves and in relationship to others and our universe we need to relax the hold resistance has on us.

Some might say we need to undo our rigidity. Come out of our controlling or dominating patterns of fight, flight, freeze and fawn. Or address our attachment styles. And for others it may be a situation of the Betrayal syndrome. Either way let us keep returning to a willingness to address these understandable responses and adaptations to life’s challenges. In that, a new found way and freedom awaits us.

Get help with these question in a group!

Want to explore, improve and solidify love in your life and need privacy in doing so?

Check back again as more food for thought on this topic of love and its role in our life will be added to this blog.