About SoulWork LA and Our Philosophy

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We bring you a team trained for Expressive, Embodied Mindfulness and Psychotherapy, Coaching, Intuitive Healing, Self-Discovery and Leadership Training


We practice a holistic approach to coaching; which means that we look at how all areas of your life affect your life and health as a whole.

Body Psychotherapy and Mindfulness

To further advance clients efforts to achieve positive life changes SoulWork LA works with a team of professionals to integrate mind and body activities to help one advance their life.


Expand Your Leadership Style.
When we can stand in the unknown, knowing our Goodness and bringing our Authentic Truth to others, we can connect to them in ways that catapult our ability to take action, attract people, influence them and inspire advancement for a cause. Lead from within.”  ~ Liam Blume

Insights into our Approach

Our Patients Say It Best…

“[This work] Opened up creativity in me. [Gave me] More resourcing to help me in my life.”

Anonymous AResident in Treatment for Trauma

“I have found serenity in relationships that used to bother me.”

Anonymous BIn Treatment, Alternative Sentencing

“I Regained Trust”

Anonymous CResident in Treatmnet

“I have become more assertive.”

Anonymous DCore Expressions Participant

Love, Passion, Purpose and Possibilities: the Way of SoulWork LA Healing.

SoulWork LA Healing works with each client to provide effective tools they can take with them to use in their daily lives leading to a more confident, harmonious, purpose-driven life.

These tools nourish their client’s efforts to live in a place of absolute truth and oneness with themselves and others. They help clients to begin vibrating on much higher frequencies than ever before to cope with life on life’s terms. They learn to avoid using old patterns of living and thinking that were self-destructive. Instead, they experience self-acceptance, co-creation, and evolving consciousness. As a result, Soul Work LA’s clients live a healthier path filled with infinite love, passion, purpose, and possibilities.

SoulWork LA Healing is Rooted in Providing a Diversified Approach to Self Care

SoulWork LA healings are rooted in founder Liam Blume’s 28 plus years working with people and business leaders and teams of business professionals.

He has taken these years of cross-disciplinary practices to bring to each client comprehensive care and access to a team of professionals, from different disciplines, to care for the client each step they take toward finding balance and empowerment and success in their life.

With a diversified background, Liam is prepared to personalize and optimize each client’s care and growth.

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