Liam Blume Head Shot

Liam Blume, CPRA

  • Liam Blume, CPRA
    • Founder of SoulWork LA
    • Somatic Practitioner providing BodyMind Therapy, Coaching, and Leadership Development
    • Certified Radical Aliveness Practitioner (CPRA)
    • Marriage and Family Therapist in Training, California Family Counseling Center
    • Past Group Counselor, Beit T’Shuvah Treatment Center
    • 30-plus years providing 12-step recovery support
    • US Association for Body Psychotherapy, Director of Programs for Training in Somatic Psychology and BodyMind Psychotherapy and Practices
    • Business Consulting and Coaching, 20 years at Brand Awakening & Money Nerve Academy
    • Asset – Risk Management: Previously licensed to practice in real estate, insurance, securities, and commodities trading
    • Social Entrepreneurship, Co-founder of the award-winning non-profit media group, Community of Content Creators and (it) magazine

About Liam
Liam bridges BodyMind Therapy, Coaching, and Leadership Training work together for dealing with life on the personal, interpersonal and systemic levels.

This work marries solutions-focused practices with expressive, embodied mindfulness and improvisation that empowers the client(s) to: regulate themselves more effectively, gain insights, discover new sources of inspiration, form new habits, and lead themselves and others authentically towards goals and their longings.

This work can help people address addiction, resistance, trauma, relationships, a sense of belonging and in creating a life that brings more of their authentic self into it. Resulting in more resilience, empowerment, fulfillment and ability to affect change.

Through SoulWork LA he brings his CORE Expressions Group techniques, Radical Aliveness Process Work and Breathworks Plus experiences to: outpatient treatment, specialty workshops and other on-going groups.

Liam is a certified Radical Aliveness Somatic Practitioner. The innovative and unique Radical Aliveness method involves four years of training to skillfully work with, heal and transform complex personal and social issues.

Liam also brings to his SoulWork LA services years of experience in starting-up or consulting with hundreds of organizations – corporate, entrepreneurial, non-profit, religious. See He is able to work with people and groups to help them address that which is blocking them from achieving their goals in their career or organization.

In addition, Liam brings 30 years of experience working with others in multiple 12 step addiction recovery programs, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Alanon, SLAA (Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous, CODA (co-dependency), ACA (Adult Children of Alcoholics), OA (food-related issues), Chapter IX (couples work), RCA (Recovery Couples Anonymous), DA (Debtors Anonymous) and BDA (Business Debtors Anonymous). Previously he provided group therapy at Beit T’Shuvah Treatment Center.

Over the decades Liam has trained, studied or practiced in a number of healing arts including: meditation – mindfulness, breathwork, touch work, Qi Gong, Pathworks, and yoga. 

Somatic therapeutic influences through continuing education include: Organic Intelligence, NARM, Hakomi, Sensorimotor, Somatic Experiencing, Focusing, PolyVagal Theory, Rubenfeld Synergy Method, Bioenergetics, Core-Energetics, and Barbara Brennon work.

Liam’s past sales and brokerage licenses in financial-securities, real estate, and insurance give him added insights into career and life management matters.

Have questions? Or want to get started with SoulWork, contact Liam.

If you are in crisis, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at or 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or your local emergency services.