Our Approach to BodyMind Therapy, Coaching & Leadership Development

“In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities but in the expert’s there are few.”
~ Shunryu Suzuki

Feel in to Your Life… and Experience New Insights and Empowerment

We create a safe space for you to get to know your feelings. Explore your nature. Our hope for you is that you will develop a greater sense of self and step into your purpose and passion with greater ease. We teach you how to build the courage to sit with the feelings that bring you discomfort and pain.

We walk the path with you through the darkness of your pain until you come out the other side, where you find pleasure, joy, sensual sexuality, lifeforce, true love, acceptance, peace, and serenity. This is called emotional clearing. With the support of our team and a newfound intimate relationship with yourself, you will find the willingness to respond to your feelings differently, creating closer and deeper connections in your life.

Sessions with clients’ may include mindfulness, meditation, body-mind therapy (including Bio-energetics, Core-Energetics, Pathworks, Radical Aliveness, psychodynamic reflections, breathwork, art therapy, and solution-focused techniques), somatic expression, group-family process work. We are happy to work in conjunction with your outside support services.

Coaching & Leadership

Body Awareness & Somatic Expression

Mindfulness, Meditation & Prayer

Case Management

Complexity, Diversity, Systems are Hidden Influencers that We Need to Address

We take a comprehensive and holistic approach to your health and wellbeing.

We work to integrate all aspects of your development – mind, body, and spirit. Along with how you feel in the world socially and emotionally with yourself and others. As well as addressing the impact that family, community, and society influence our life beliefs, values, choices, and behaviors.

Be Radically Alive in Your Approach to Leadership

Cultivate healing, vision, empowerment, and leadership on a personal, interpersonal and systemic level using a Radical Aliveness Approach.

Radical Aliveness is a healing, awareness, and transformational modality that leads to action. It is a model that supports human beings to know themselves fully – on all levels. Radical Aliveness (see its principles below) supports creating a safe space where we want participants to say ‘yes to everything’ (including their ‘No’) with the intention towards awareness, consciousness, healing, and transformation.

When we have an opportunity to feel everything all the way… everything: our fear, our rage, our pain, our hate … Whatever it is… in the presence of people who are holding us and not afraid of this energy…we can find parts of ourselves that we have cut off from; that we have forgotten about; that we maybe have never even known about. At this point, what starts to happen is that we become less afraid of all of our energy and all of our feelings. We become more able to express them in constructive ways; to understand them; to use them in relationships. In that place, we can bring all of our brilliance, all of our creativity, all of our energy; because we are not afraid to let ourselves flow. We cultivate an attitude that says, “There’s nothing that can come out of my mouth that I’m afraid for you to see because I’ve really felt my deep goodness. And there’s nothing to be afraid of.”

With Radical Aliveness, we support people (you) to have that experience. One which makes life very powerful and exciting and wonderful to dance with and co-create in with self and others and the world around us

The intention in the work is to say yes to all of our energy without making it wrong or shaming it; because if all of it can come out, then we have the opportunity to heal; to transform; to understand; to integrate, and to use it in constructive ways for discovery.

Radical Aliveness Principles

* Be Willing to Change
* Honor Multiple Perspectives
* Know that I don’t know
* Say Yes to Everything (including our ‘No’)
* Have a non-shaming attitude

Footnote: the above message is a revised and added to transcription from a talk given by Ann Bradney, the founder of the Radical Aliveness Institute based out of Los Angeles, CA, with schools also in Costa Rica and Africa.

Our approach and methods can integrate with case management teams and other services to give you maximum support and resourcing.

Our Patients Say It Best…

“[This work] Opened up creativity in me. [Gave me] More resourcing to help me in my life.”

“I have found serenity in relationships that used to bother me.”

“I Regained Trust”

“I have become more assertive.”

Use Sensory Awareness and Mindfulness in the Deepest Way Possible

Advantages of Somatic Interventions

One advantage of including the body in therapeutic dialogue includes expressively working “through” pain (and its energy flow) rather than talking “about” pain.

Applying somatic interventions referencing the client’s felt sensations, postures, movements, tension, and slowing down the verbal processing to make increased room for awareness of energy moving (or holding) in the body is a robust healing process. It includes utilizing movement modalities, sound protocols, body-based modalities, and sensory awareness to access implicit memory and bring it into explicit awareness – so that stored experience can be completed and released. The practice is to let go of recorded experience that causes suffering, disconnection from self or others, or filters incoming data through the lens of the busy mind.

Watch this video to understand using sensory awareness and mindfulness in a deep, nourishing, refreshing, and insightful way.

“In sensing, we do not stand outside experience witnessing it, we are immersed in it…”

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