?Loneliness is proof that your innate search for connection is intact.? ~ Martha Beck

If you need a place where your sense of belonging is not threatened by speaking your truth, by feeling whatever you feel, by being human, come receive the gift of true connection this Saturday evening.

Join Us for This Month’s Free Community Night!
Saturday, November 17 in Culver City, 7 – 9 pm

This month?s focus:

What are they and how can they serve us? How do we support them in our life!

Community Night @ Makela Tango Dance Studio
9431 Venice Blvd Culver City 90232

Free Parking instructions below.

We accept donations and 100% of proceeds go to the Radical Aliveness Institute scholarship fund.

This Month?s Special Guest Facilitator


Meet Angela Ai

Transformation Catalyst
Core Energetics Radical Aliveness Practitioner

About Angela

Angela graduated from?The Radical Aliveness Institute?based in Los Angeles, CA and is a Certified Radical Aliveness Core Energetics Practitioner. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from The University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business.

And she studied Jazz Voice for two years at The Manhattan School of Music.
She has been on her own healing journey and worked through her own addictions, traumas and fears with the help of decades of 12~step groups and talk therapy, 5 rhythms and soul~motion dance, sexual somatic healing, shamanic healing, bloodline healing, dream work, sweat lodges, acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, Core Energetics, Radical Aliveness, art therapy, couples therapy, homeopathy, shadow work?to name a few things.

She?s also highly intuitive and empathic.

Over the years Angela has noticed that the people who were really attracted to working with her were at an exquisite point in their lives. They knew a change was absolutely essential in order for them to thrive. They knew they could no longer stay in their old habits, old relationships, old jobs ~ they could no longer stay stuck ~ and they knew they needed support to move on.

Assistant Facilitator

Liam Blume Head Shot

Meet Liam Blume

Radical Aliveness Associate Practitioner
Member, US Association of Body Psychotherapy

About Liam

Liam provides Integrative Mind-Body Healing work. In sessions with clients, he bridges body psychotherapy and spirituality with mindfulness. He also addresses the impact of intergenerational trauma, systemic discrimination, and cultural norms. In the healing arts Liam has studied and practiced Qi Gong, Acupressure and Swedish massage. He has incorporated yoga teachings, breath work, chanting, prayer, meditation, and other energy practices into his life?s journey work.

In addition, Liam brings 26 years of experience working with others in multiple 12 step addiction recovery programs.?Liam also incorporates a faith and values sensibility through his?work as a liaison to the National Interfaith Cable Coalition (a membership representing 150 million people through 80+ religious organizations).

Liam is the founder of Brand Awakening where his team advises and carries out sales, branding, marketing, advertising and product/business development activities. He has been licensed to practice in: real estate, insurance, securities and commodities. In order to make the world a better place Liam founded itmagazine.org; a non-profit media group dedicated to providing and distributing solutions-driven stories that spotlight people, organizations and innovations making a difference in the world and how the public can forward these successes.? Liam resides in Los Angeles, CA with his wife and two step-daughters. In between family time and non-profit work you?ll find Liam out on the tennis court or surfing or biking by the beach. All for building up an appetite to BBQ up a storm with family and friends!

Your Ongoing Facilitators

Bob Wheeler and Liam Blume on Turtle Bridge Outside Wheeler Studio.

Liam Blume and Bob Wheeler with prayer hands

Bob Wheeler and Liam Blume on Turtle Bridge outside Wheeler Studio.

It is our honor and great pleasure to be in service together to bring you Radical Aliveness Community Night experiences in transformation and healing.

Community Nights: A Great Introduction to Radical Aliveness

Radical Aliveness Community Nights gives everyone the opportunity to explore this experiential and exciting work. If you?re familiar with Radical Aliveness, here?s a chance to jump back in with new people.

If you?re a curious first-time participant, learn what so many have already experienced with this powerful work.

Bring friends, loved ones, family for an evening session and discover what it means to be radically alive.

This community night is devoted to creating opportunities for all who wish to take a risk. Show something you?ve been longing to show. Do something you?ve dreamed of doing. Feel alive and open to your truth. At Radical Aliveness Institute Community Nights, there?s space to get vulnerable and feel vital and alive! No prior experience is necessary ? everyone is welcome.

Community Night @ Makela Tango Dance Studio
9431 Venice Blvd Culver City 90232

We accept donations and 100% of proceeds go to the Radical Aliveness Institute scholarship fund.


Ample Street Parking, which is free after 8 pm

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  • 3844 Watseka Ave.
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A community valet parking service is available for visitors to Downtown Culver City. There are four valet parking stations conveniently located throughout downtown allowing visitors to drop-off vehicles in one location and pick-up at another.

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