Mindfulness Based Body Centered Group Therapy Exercises

Radical Aliveness Principles Used as a Daily Reminder

Each morning remind yourself and throughout your day and in your group work to use these Radical Aliveness  suggested tools:

1) I am willing to be changed,
2) By honoring multiple perspectives,
3) Knowing that I don’t always know,
4) Saying “Yes to Everything” (including your ‘No’), and finally
5) Conducting myself with a non-shaming attitude and heart.

The glue to being successful at conducting oneself in this way is:

  1. Learning to stay,
  2. Monitoring your Intention and Impact,
  3. Remaining curious,
  4. Doing no harm to yourself, another or the room,
  5. Checking your assumptions,
  6. Sorting out how much of your past is clouding how you respond to what’s happening in the present.

A description of the Radical Aliveness Process and Impact.

Radical Aliveness (RA) is a movement, often practiced in groups and workshops, based on values and principles that are intended to support and sustain life. We value relationships as essential to that goal.

We see all humans beings as having equal value, that we all have gifts of leadership to share. Our diversity is valued as an essential part of nourishing and sustaining life. We learn to bring curiosity and self-responsibility to the places where we’re prone to see others simplistically through our assumptions, and personal and cultural biases.

The RA principles and group practices help bring people together across the lines that divide us. RA process help us learn to stay in connection when conflict is present—beyond our impulses to judge, attack, control or separate. We use body based tools and practices, with the understanding that our bodies hold our histories and contain wisdom. RA process teaches us to tolerate big emotional and physical expression. It gives us space to feel our deepest pain and our greatest pleasure.

RA seeks to have a healing influence on individuals, relationships, communities and institutions.

From this place of greater awareness and self-responsibility, we strive to live in alignment with these principles.