Can you say, “I won’t” out loud? Or out loud in your head!
With real energy, though. Pushed out deep from the belly. One more time, please.  How does that feel?

Try it again. This time tack on a phrase to go with it!
Something like, ‘I won’t let you win.’ ‘I won’t give you my heart.’ ‘I won’t let you matter.’  ‘I won’t let you know you affect me.’ ‘I won’t give you the power…You don’t get all of me.’ ‘I’ll never surrender.’ ‘I won’t go first.’

Does this feel anything like resistance to you?

  • What are you in opposition to in your life?
  • What is it that makes facing mistakes, weaknesses, or regrets so terrible?
  • Can we feel our fears… right down to our fear to experience and share our love?
  • Why do we hold on to our stories and dominant perspectives?
  • Is there something threatening about moving forward in life toward greater health and well-being? What is it?
  • Can we let go of our control patterns and feel everything that we need to to move ahead in our lives?
  • Can we let go of our day and go to bed and get some rest?

Can There be Another Way to Deal with Resistance

“Letting down the armor of resistance is an invitation into the ancient burial ground of innocent and fragile places. The catacombs of tender emotions guarded tenaciously.”

~ Brian Gleason, Author of Exceptional Relationships: Transformations Through Embodied Couples Work

Resistance: what does it look like and where do I begin to work with it.

What wounds do we have that are holding us back from getting more of what we came here in this life to do?

Dare we move into these tender places? Opening up into the “most vulnerable sanctum’s of the heart” and entertain the possibility that instead of being harmed again we can be met in a new way by others that is corrective, self-affirming and empowering to do life differently.

Working with energy in our body (including through movement, developing mindfulness and the ability to recognize feelings and how to express them more effectively and freely) can help with our resistance and work to get free of it. To become more Radically Alive!

We can move forward more freely in response to our impulses, felt sense, intuition and longings. Put our big energy and desires to work in service to our vision and missions in life. Applying them to goals and habits. We can become more confident in expressing our passion and moving in the directions we are called towards, with purpose.

There’s another part of us to know to be more radically alive and in action. What is that? Well the answer lies in the question, do we know how important love is in our lives?

SoulWork LA and the CORE Expressions work we do provide you space – a gym for your soul – to work out your resistance. We begin doing this by developing a better relationship to your self and others.

We hope to see you through one of our events or in private. Don’t resist : )

And please share this opportunity with others.

Read this…

Don’t let resistance hold you back from experiencing the freedom love brings.