Couples Therapy

“Connection is the energy that is created between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment.” — Brene Brown

Ways We Can Work Together

Address Core Premarital and Couple Goals

  • Explore strength and growth areas
  • Strengthen communication skills
  • Identify and manage major stressors
  • Learn to co-regulate one another through each other’s fight, flight, freeze, and fawn defense responses.
  • Resolve conflicts, including parenting and family dynamics
  • Address multicultural dynamics
  • Develop a more balanced relationship using couple and family maps
  • Understand personality differences and maximize teamwork

Beneath the surface, address unspoken struggles:

Couples therapy can be a journey into uncharted territory. Our deepest attachment patterns, formed subconsciously in childhood, play out in subtle, nonverbal ways – often beneath the radar of conscious thought. This can make them difficult to pinpoint and address.

Unlock the hidden language:

Mindfulness, neuroception and emotion-focused therapies, and somatic exercises shine a light on these hidden dynamics. They bypass intellectual defenses and tap into the wisdom of the body, offering a powerful, lived experience of healing. It’s like learning a new language – one that transcends words and allows you to truly understand and transform your relationship at its core.

Neuroception On Love

“In every disagreement with your spouse, remember that there is not a winner and a loser. You are united in everything, so you will either win together or lose together. Work together to find a solution where you both win.”
~ Dave Willis, Author, Speaker, and Relationship Expert

“Most couples don’t have hundreds of arguments; they have the same argument hundreds of times…”
~ Unknown

“Nothing is more important in our lives than our relationships. A great relationship boosts your immune system, opens your heart, and keeps you vital and creative.”

Terry Real, Creator of Relational Life Therapy (and internationally recognized family therapist, speaker, and best-selling author)

“The most functional way to regulate difficult emotions in love relationships is to share them.”

~ Sue Johnson, Co-Founder of Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

“In insecure relationships, we disguise our vulnerabilities so our partner never really sees us.”

~ Sue Johnson, Co-Founder of Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

“We pick partners who are close enough to our family of origin that we’re thrown into the old drama. If we try and get them to change, we’ll just repeat the drama. When we wake up and change our position in the old drama, that’s mature love.”

~ Terry Real, internationally recognized family therapist, speaker, and best-selling relationship author

“Real life romance is fueled by a far more humdrum approach to staying connected. It is kept alive each time you let your spouse know he or she is valued during the grind of everyday life.”

~ John Gottman, Renowned Couples Researcher and Co-Founder of the Gottman Institute

“Many people think that the secret to reconnecting with their partner is a candlelit dinner or a by-the-sea vacation. The real secret is to turn toward each other in little ways every day.”

~ John Gottman, Co-Founder of the Gottman Institute

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