Group Therapy

Let group therapy help you to unlock that which is holding you back in your life. Find out why your holding back. And then get free from it.

What Happens in Group

In each group session you’ll experience Radical Aliveness group process work for building a better relationship with yourself and others (i.e., partners, family, co-workers and society).

Together, as a group, we’ll come to know one another. Connect in ways that help us address and release negative emotions, energetic blocks in our bodies and beliefs that hold us back from following our impulses in life. We’ll connect to our higher self (including imagination, intuition, and innovativeness) and from that place experience ways in which to take more risks in moving forward with our life’s passions and build a deeper relationship with self and others.

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Upcoming and Ongoing Events

Weekly Closed Therapy Group

Contact us  with interest in participating in this closed/private group.  Or click here to get group therapy details and join up instructions.

Who, What, When, Where:

Wednesday Nights, Weekly: 7:30-9 PM

Format: Closed Group. Beginner to Advance.

Fee: $50 per group session. Sliding scale applications accepted.

Facilitated by: Liam Blume, CPRA

Location: ZOOM

Money & Vision Breakthrough Process Group

Heal Your Relationship to Money. Lead a More Abundant, Fulfilling Life! 

In this program, we will take you beyond the usual learning formats. We bring you an integrated, embodied, and comprehensive force for change in your life.

Receive money and vision mastery courses, group therapy process work, and on-going coaching.

Contact us   o be notified of the next available group you can participate in. It would be great to have you.

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In Treatment Addiction Recovery & Trauma Group Support

These groups are closed to the public. Held at treatment centers. If you would like one provided at your treatment center, please contact us.

Breathworks Plus

Coming Soon.

Contact us  to be notified of the next available Breathworks Plus session. Or to ask us any questions. It would be great to have you.

Transformation Series & Workshops

Series announcements are made to the SoulWork LA community first. Become a community member by signing up to our mailing list in the footer below or  contact us  and tell us what topics you are specifically interested in. We’ll keep you informed and updated on special events ahead.

Our Clients Say It Best…

“[This work] Opened up creativity in me. [Gave me] More resourcing to help me in my life.”

“I have found serenity in relationships that used to bother me.”

“I Regained Trust”

“I have become more assertive.”

Benefits of Group Therapy

Our Group Therapy Experiences will Benefit People, Practitioners or Clinicians:

  • looking to begin or better their relationship with themselves,
  • feeling the need to go deeper in their personal development work,
  • desiring to do work that can help accelerate their growth,
  • seeking to uncover and discard what’s holding them back in their life,
  • needing ways to recharge themselves after working with their clients,
  • searching to be exposed to new tools to use when working with clients.

What’s Amazing about a group? What do you get out of it? Watch and Read On.

Why Do Body-Mind Group Therapy

In this work, you get to open up on a body level (it has its own language and speak) – remembering, releasing, closing, opening, pulsing, trembling, vibrating joyfully and discovering. Our minds can work to make sense of it or manage it or control it or protect it. It will even judge it. And hold us back from listening to it – such as listening to our intuition or gut feeling for direction. In this work: our memories, learned values and beliefs, social codes and stories all come in to play. We become mindful of all of these above factors. We use self-compassion – softening, soothing and allowing – to help us accept and be with all of who we are and to meet life’s challenges without taking it out on ourselves and others. This helps us to learn from our life experiences and make lasting changes in our life. Ones that lead to our happiness and purpose. We journal about that which is coming up in the work. We use all that comes up in the group as material for your self-discovery work and growth.

Group is the place where you will get to – go at your own pace – and be with all this and experience it with others and get feedback and take risks (and claim or experiment with your boundaries and edges). You will create new perceptions to empower you. You will get to come through more of these gyrations and the more you are free to emote the more your heart center will begin to play into all this. You will begin to know in new ways what is real now and what is our history talking (and holding us back in our life).

In other words, doing this expressive work … and having a space to release and claim and be fully alive in your body-mind will give you the opportunity to uncover your wisdom, your truth, and trusting in it. This doesn’t happen overnight and it is an evolutionary process. Join us.

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