Somatic Psychotherapy

“Trauma is encoded in the brain.
And the language of the parts of the brain affected is bodily sensation.
To investigate trauma, we have to be able to talk in that language, to guide the person in that language.”
– Peter Levine, developer of Somatic Experiencing

Expand Your Horizons with Somatic Therapy

“In The Deepest Expressions of Ourselves. We Transform and Go to New Places in Our Lives.” by Liam Blume

In sessions, there is a place to uncover, discover and discard on the deepest level all that holds you back from following your calling.

How Somatic Therapy Works

Often one’s progress gets delayed or prevented by repressed feelings, unhealthy cravings, negative beliefs, bodily reactions, the brain’s predictive nature, and destructive behaviors.

In Somatic Therapy sessions, you are provided a safe place to address these factors. You engage in activities specifically developed to unlock held emotions, bring about corrective emotional experiences, and discover what’s underneath them and often unconscious – past history, predictive patterns, assumptions, stories we tell ourselves, and more. This can lead further to insights, a willingness to change, taking risks, and having the prosilience to embark upon new adventures free of the hold past traumas and addiction had on us. [This draws upon Polyvagal Theory from researcher Dr. Stephen Porges and remarks from Deb Dana, author of The Polyvagal Theory in Therapy.]

“Trauma is a chronic disruption of connection.” by Stephen Porges

We take into account your body’s state of being. How connected are you? What is your window of tolerance for coping? We check in with sensations. We discover ways the autonomic nervous system reacts to experiences and regulates responses. We explore ways we predictably move in and out of engagement, mobilization, and collapse in response to daily experiences.

“The stories we tell ourselves about who we are and how the world works begin in the autonomic nervous system. Information is sent through autonomic pathways from the body to the brain, where it is translated into the beliefs that shape our daily living. The brain takes the autonomic information and creates a story to make sense of what is happening in the body.

Deb Dana, clarifies,

“Stories about self, world, and relationships are based in autonomic state. State creates story. If you want to change the story, start by changing the state.”

In support of this understanding of the brain-body feedback loop. We work with the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) and its role in our safe-threat response to life’s circumstances. Noticing how each moment past or present activates in us a bodily response. Where there is a perceived threat our bodies may go into one of these states: fight/flight, freeze, and appease. Here what we have is patterns of protection that replace patterns of connection.

Then there are positive states that we can reinforce. They come out of noticing and creating environments in which we find cues of safety. Leading to state shifts that free us for social engagement. States some refer to as flow, flock, and play.

Cultivating a greater sense of how your ANS work strengthens your ability to self-regulate and co-regulate. Leading to new connections with oneself, others, and nature – plus new outlooks on life’s circumstances.

This process gives you access to discover deeper inner support, new outlooks on life’s circumstances, and new ways of being in life. You will gain new skills for meeting what life brings – positive or negative stressors.

Through your session work, you evolve and learn to support and challenge yourself. Creating a new sense of hope for a more purposeful, fulfilling life.

You cultivate a practice of self-care that inspires the impulse to follow your heartfelt longings; it’s a place for you to recover your embodied passion and discover your purpose truly.

In the process, you also learn to be of service to others and learn leadership skills.

Start now! Take notes on the responses you get when you ask yourself, “What’s getting between me and ________.  (Fill in the blank: doing x, being more y, etc.) Try doing this by including information that arises in your body. What comes up for you: tightness, anxiety, rushes of fear/anger response, spurts of energy, negative self-talk, beliefs, cravings?

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Our Clients Say It Best…

“[This work] Opened up creativity in me. [Gave me] More resourcing to help me in my life.”

“I have found serenity in relationships that used to bother me.”

“I Regained Trust”

“I have become more assertive.”

Somatic Therapy Activities

You will be involved in movement, vocalizing, partner exercises, experiential exercises, physical and creative expression, meditation, and guided breath work.

The Somatic Therapy Session Experience

Things you will experience in session are: fun, discovery, intensity, laughter, music, tears, pleasure, joy, movement, deep connection, creativity, higher self, empowerment, emotional-release, exploration, and growth.

Get a New Perspective: Trauma, Emotions, Social Pressures and Becoming Fully Who We Are?

Get some insight on Somatic Therapy work from the Founder of the Radical Aliveness Institute Ann Bradney.

Services Provided by Liam Blume

Individual Sessions

A client will come to our offices to meet individually with a facilitator; the session will include activities and experiences mentioned above.

Couples Work

A couple will come to one of our studios to meet with a facilitator; the sessions will include activities and experiences mentioned above.


A family will come to our offices to meet as a group with a facilitator; the session will include activities and experiences mentioned above.


Group sessions are held monthly, weekly, thru special workshops and by private arrangement.

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In this fifteen minute consultation you’ll have an opportunity to tell your story and share your struggles. Together we’ll identify what you really need and want and determine the best course of action for you.

This Experience will Benefit Individuals, Couples, Families, Organizational Leaders, Practitioners or Clinicians:

  • looking to begin or better their relationship with themselves,
  • feeling the need to go deeper in their personal development work,
  • desiring to do work that can help accelerate their growth,
  • seeking to uncover and discard what’s holding them back in their life,
  • needing ways to recharge themselves after working with their clients,
  • searching to be exposed to new tools to use when working with clients,
  • cultivating a truth and voice that inspires others in their organizations.

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Our Somatic Therapy is Steeped in the Radical Aliveness Traditions

It’s been 84 years since Wilhelm Reich* authored his influencial book, “Character Analysis.”

The lineage line starts with Sigmund Freud and then on to:

> Wilhelm Reich, Body Defense & Character Structures
> Alexander Lowen and John Pierrakos, Bioenergetics Analysis
> John Pierrakos, Core-Energetics
> Ann Bradney, Radical Aliveness Group Process

*Wilhelm Reich was an Austrian psychoanalyst, a member of the second generation of analysts after Sigmund Freud.

Body-Centered Psychotherapy Factoids

This work stems from research going back to 1933. After 84 years of this kind of work being used in the professional and practitioner fields worldwide and more science based research coming out; you can find more and more people in the public turning to integrative mind-body treatments and self care.

Bioenergetics Analysis has more than 54 training institutes worldwide. There are over 1,500 members of Bioenergetics Institutions in the U.S.

There are 8 plus Core Energetics Institutes in the US and 8 others around the world

Radical Aliveness Institute (which incorporates Character Structures, Bioenergetics Analysis, Core-Energetics and Societal Complexity Issues) is based in Los Angeles with Personal Transformation Centers in Santa Fe, New Mexico and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Practitioner Training is held at Synergia Ranch, Santa Fe, New Mexico.