The International Association of Rubenfeld Synergists, in a USABP Spotlight Series Event, present:

An evening to explore self-touch when working with clients.

rubenfeld synergy method

Explore the how-to’s for deepening sessions using the body as a powerful and present tool. Be guided in using your own body as a “touch point” in sessions. 

This webinar offers you real-time experience and exploration using the body and its somatic language in sessions. Get inside the experience! Learn both sides/feel both sides of the experience in this session.

Join us May 19, 4pm PST

This event will be recorded and available for members and non-members who register for this event. This course will not include CEs.

The Art of Self-Touch Workshop Description

In this experiential webinar, practitioners will be invited to explore the use of self-touch in sessions. We will begin with the practitioner’s presence and how our own presence creates more space and congruency for exploration. Each step of this webinar will invite self-exploration, presence, and real-time awareness. As we move through the information, you will be able to experience what you will then be able to share in sessions with clients.

Whether you have incorporated self-touch in your practice with clients already, or are newly exploring this addition to therapy, you will gain new skills and awareness. You will be given powerful and implementable techniques to take back to your own practice or use within your personal meditative practice.

Main Points of Workshop

1. The science behind touch in sessions

2. Enhancing the feedback loop

3. Establishing the practitioner’s presence

4. The power of the palm

5. Exploring through use of Self

6. Deepening the session through verbal explorations

7. Exploring through somatic metaphors

Learning Objectives
Participants will learn to:

● Deepen their bodymind connection as a resource in sessions

● Introduce clients to the power in their own palm

● Use self-touch with clients in session

● Deepen the session somatically through self-touch

● Enhance bodymind connection of both client & practitioner


– Welcome, USABP Messaging, Etc. (5 min)

– Introduce Topic and Speakers (2 min)

– Short Interview with Presenters – talking about our inspiration to share this immersive work with other practitioners now. (8 min)

– The Presentation (90 min)

– Q&A (10 min)

– Wrap up – upcoming trainings, resources (5 min)

– USABP Closing (2 min)

Presenter Information

Mary Petschen is a Rubenfeld Synergist in Wayzata, Minnesota.

She has a thriving practice focusing on the bodymind connection’s power to deepen self-awareness and healing. She studied for three years at the Rubenfeld Synergy Institute.

Mary has presented at international conferences on the ethics of touch and presence, assisted in certification trainings, and has served as an advisor to both students and therapists. 

She has presented on the importance of bodymind techniques to trauma-focused specialists and taught workshops focusing on the power-of and the how-to’s of bodymind connection for eight years in the Twin Cities.

Mary is currently the Director of the Minnesota Rubenfeld Synergy Training Institute and creates daily content as a social media influencer dedicated to normalizing and simplifying bodymind connection for everyone @InSearch.of.Self


– The Listening Hand, Ilana Rubenfeld

– The Handbook of Body Psychotherapy & Somatic Psychology, Marlock & Weiss

– Getting In Touch, Christine Caldwell

– Touching, Ashley Montagu