• Vulnerability and Courage Together Bring New Found Freedoms – Including Love.


There is no courage without vulnerability. Dr. Brene Brown says,

“If you don’t name what your feeling. If you don’t own the feelings and feel them. They will eat you alive.”

We are not suppose to do life alone. We need each other to survive. It is a biological imperative. So to be social is to be connected. And we need connection. And to be in full connection (and companionship) we become more exposed – more vulnerable. But in that exchange we find answers and direction and advancement. This brings success beyond self-help. It brings us love. How important is love in your life?

To be alive is to be vulnerable. Alot of people associate vulnerability with weakness. This is bad mythology. Vulnerability is not weakness it is the only path to courage. In years of research you will be hard pressed to find any example of courage that does not require uncertainty, risk or emotional exposure.

What prompts this excuse is our resistance to feel all of life in the moment. Don’t let resistance hold you back from getting all that you were meant to have and do in this lifetime. To overcome it you need to know what does resistance look like and where do I begin to work with it.

Experience the deepest riches of life and all your power. Get Vulnerable!